Vintage railway posters on display

April 13, 2012 by  

A series of vintage railway posters are being displayed at the National Museum of Scotland, celebrating the golden age of rail travel.

The poster collection features a series of thirty vintage rail travel marketing posters that have been produced over the last 120 years, inviting people to see Scotland by train, which have never before been on public display.

Some of the most memorable posters feature iconic locations around Scotland, with an entire section of the exhibition being dedicated to the Forth Rail Bridge. The fact that these posters are still of note and are exhibition-worthy after decades have passed is a real testament to the timeless and captivating nature of marketing via poster printing.

Falkirk’s neighbour Edinburgh and Scotland’s Second City Glasgow both feature in the exhibition, with advertisements for Glasgow’s Coronation Scot train and Edinburgh’s Coronation train tying in with the royal theme of the Queen’s jubilee celebrations later in the year. The former poster was created in 1938 by Bryan de Grineau and is believed to be the last remaining copy, making it a must-see at the exhibition.

Many train companies still use poster printing today to communicate their offers, routes and passenger information. It could be that these posters may feature in a similar exhibition in the future, showing that promotional materials can also be viewed as art as time goes by.

The exhibition is being held at the National Museum of Scotland in Edinburgh and will run until 24th June 2012. Admission is free.