Scottish comedy festival to be held in Falkirk

July 22, 2011 by  

The Central Scotland Comedy Festival is set to be held in Bo’ness in Print company in Falkirk printing services Falkirk this weekend, featuring a wide range of live comedy and film.

The comedy festival takes place in over 50 venues throughout Falkirk, starting this weekend and running until 2nd August. There are plans to feature several shows from high-profile celebrity comedians such as Stewart Francis and Stephen K. Amos alongside local and less well-known performers. The festival also features a selection of comedy film screenings. These will be held at the Falkirk Hippodrome.

The comedy festival is being promoted in a variety of ways, from using online social media services like Twitter and Facebook, to using more traditional methods of promotion, such as Print company in poster printing printing services poster printing. Falkirk Council is also backing the festival, hoping it will bring tourists into the area and that local businesses will benefit from this.

Adrian Mahoney is Falkirk Council’s convenor of community, tourism and leisure. He recently told spoke to the Queensferry Gazette about the festival, saying

“I hope local people give it their support this year. Falkirk Council is delighted to work with the Falkirk BID and the Scottish Comedy Agency to deliver the festival.”

The festival has also benefited from producing programmes using Print company in brochure printers printing services brochure printers. Falkirk’s comedy festival organisers are using the brochures to promote their event, with copies of the promotional brochure being available at various local venues and outlets. More information about the comedy festival can also be found at the festival’s Facebook page.