Printing company in Falkirk is back home

January 24, 2010 by  

Print company in Printing company printing services Printing company Riley Dunn & Wilson now has a presence back in its original home, Print company in Falkirk printing services Falkirk. RDW is a family firm which was founded in 1909. It was originally named Dunn & Wilson, after the two apprentices who started the business.

The business grew steadily during its first fifty years and employed nearly 500 workers at its peak. In 1956 Dunn & Wilson of Falkirk acquired another Print company in print company printing services print company in Huddersfield, Ben Riley & Co, that specialised in binding. They were even older than their own company. However, RDW were taken over in the 1980’s by Johnston Press. At this time the company had moved its head quarters down to Huddersfield.

Original family member, Charles Dunn, had worked for the business for 20 years in the 1970s and 80s until the takeover by Johnston Press. The company returned into family hands when Mr. Dunn and partner Jeremy Mills, a local publishing company owner, bought the firm out of administration in May 2007.

RDW specialise in top quality conservation work, such as rebinding, repairs, preservation and binding academic journals for prestigious museums and local libraries. The Falkirk Print company in printing printing services printing company continues to do well in business and the determined directors are set to grow the turnover in 2010, through broadening their range of services.

It’s a great feeling when something returns to its original home, especially an old family firm. It is a story which seems like the complete opposite to the present take over bid for Cadburys, probably the oldest family firm in the UK.