New gallery location boosts tourism in Falkirk

June 19, 2011 by  

The Park Gallery in Falkirk has doubled the number of tourists it has attracted year-on-year thanks to a relocation that has divided the opinion of artists and art-enthusiasts alike.

In the six months since The Park Gallery was moved from a stable block in Callendar House, the number of visitors to the gallery has increased from almost 7,000 to over 15,000 – a real surprise to those who opposed the move. Those who opposed the move felt that the gallery might lose some of its character or its identity, but instead of losing anything it seems to keep on gaining fans.

This is partially because the gallery is located within the main stately home, so those visiting to view the home now have easier access to the exhibitions on show. Figures suggest that only 10% of visitors to Callendar house were going to The Park Gallery when it was located in the stable block, but over 50% now engage with it in its new home.

This boost in tourism is also expected to rise further over the next six months with exhibitions planned from popular local artists. Also, a new leaflet has been launched, signposting the new location of the Gallery. It is hoped that by using flyer printing, Falkirk residents and tourists will be more inclined to visit the Park Gallery. This leaflet not only promotes the attractions at Callendar House but it also entices visitors to take in the other sights that Falkirk has to offer, including but not limited to the famous Falkirk Wheel.