Leaflets drive crowds to Falkirk

September 23, 2010 by  

Companies offering digital printing in Falkirk helped to make Roman Week in the area a roaring success, as leaflets spread the word about the all the activities that were taking place in the district in order to get people more involved in its local history. Running from the 11th September for nine days, the Big Roman Week festival event involved a series of walks, quizzes, films and general fun as community groups all came together to let everyone know more about their local history. The region is the location for the UNESCO World Heritage Site of the Antonine Wall which the Romans built across the Falkirk area from Bo’ness to Old Kilpatrick close to Glasgow.

Many events were free, encouraging as many people to take part as possible and become more aware of the Romans and their activities and time spent in the Falkirk area. The event itself has grown since last year when it mainly concentrated on the area of Bo’ness. This year, the festival as spread to include more of the district and has meant the event itself was longer to be able to incorporate all the many fun activities that the organisers put together. One of the aims of the festival was to raise awareness of a relic that had been uncovered by Channel 4’s Time Team and labelled as one of the greatest Roman discoveries to be found in Britain and that the Community Council hope to make a replica of and position it back in Bo’ness. The original currently sits in the National Museum of Scotland, Edinburgh.