Graphic design agency creates stationery and packaging for Design Museum

January 15, 2012 by  

Graphic design agency Spin has created a new identity for the stationery and packaging of The Design Museum shop.

The Design Museum is located in London and its aim is to showcase a range of the best examples in packaging, design, architecture and branding. The museum’s shop recently underwent a review of its own brand identity and London design agency Spin were the company who were selected to form this identity, as well as coming up with a number of ideas for shopping bags, item labels and designs that could be used for stationery printing.

Falkirk is an area of the UK that is currently undergoing a rebrand of its own, with plans that would not look out of place in the Design Museum. The 58 acres around the Falkirk wheel will become known as Portdownie following a rebrand and redevelopment exercise by Whitespace, another design agency, this time based in Edinburgh. The rebrand is designed as a nod to the area’s heritage with a view to the future.

Rebranding is something that The Design Museum celebrates, with its archives of packaging and advertising going back through the decades, showing how different household names have evolved over the years. The rebrand of The Design Museum’s shop from Spin celebrates the spirit of The Museum, referencing its original logo whilst moving the design on. Reference to the humble line is central to the shop’s new identity, and Spin’s creative director spoke about this in Creative Review, saying:

“The idea came from the thought that the first physical articulation of a design, whatever the discipline and technology, is often a humble line. The journey the line takes is up to the designer.”