First news printer in Falkirk still in business today

February 21, 2010 by  

It will be relatively easy to find a printer in or around Falkirk to suit your needs. If you require a stationery printer in Falkirk, or if your needs are a more sophisticated, there will be a local printer on hand to deliver what you need. The print industry in Falkirk goes back a long time.

The oldest newspaper printer in Falkirk was established way back in 1845. Their first publication went on sale on August 14th of that year at a price of two old pence. The practice at the time was to give over the front page to local advertising, not news features. This first publication featured a Falkirk ironmonger called A. Cochran & Son. The advertising article informed readers that they had secured a large stock of Stanforth’s patent and cast- steel shearing hooks. Iron and steel prices at this time had risen sharply and the advertisement made play of the fact that the stock had been purchased prior to the price rises. The article stated that the stock would be made available to farmers and others:

”At such low prices as hitherto only the most common qualities could be bought at”.

It is interesting to note how the emphasis has changed. The Falkirk Herald continues to publish the newspaper to this day, confirming the long established tradition of printing in Falkirk.

Your own company’s print needs can still be easily serviced locally by a good range of print companies.