Falkirk print firm continues to benefit from investment

December 24, 2009 by  

Falkirk Book Binding specialist, Riley Dunn and Wilson (RDW), also with a site in Huddersfield, continue to benefit from their £65,000 investment in new machinery. The company made the investment a little over a year and a half ago.

The company had been using a 30 year old piece of kit which had gradually become far too worn out. RDW’s managing director Charles Dunn said at the time:

This is a big investment for us, but it was necessary. The machine we use at the moment had become too unreliable; we were still working with 7in Managing floppy disks.

It’s hard to imagine floppy disks still functioning in the new digital age. The production company dumped the old 30 year system and bought in a new System Three lettering machine, for which they had to have three special wheels made. The lettering machine is able to accommodate a wide variety of applications. In addition to the new System Three, the company also acquired a new Matrix SH-650 laminator.

It is always difficult for companies to get the timing right when it comes to replacing, or updating, old or out of date kit. This is especially so for the print industry because of the amazing rate of development within the digital world. Kit becomes outdated very fast in the real world. However, as seems to be the case with this printing company in Falkirk, sometimes the old kit just fizzles out. Perhaps it is best to replace it before it does though.