Falkirk locals in street clean up initiative

May 5, 2011 by  

Local residents recently took place in a clean-up operation organised by members of the region’s Business Improvement District to help improve the appearance of the streets of Print company in Falkirk printing services Falkirk.

This clean-up operation was the third large-scale improvement scheme organised by companies and organisations working within the area’s Business Improvement District. This is part of the Business Improvement District’s six key objectives to help make Falkirk a better place to live, work and do business. The first objective is outlined as ‘Taking a pride in Falkirk by making it clean and attractive’.

The clean-up initiative involved volunteers spending one afternoon picking up litter around the Business Improvement District as part of the national Keep Scotland Beautiful campaign. This resulted in volunteers collecting 36 bags of rubbish and items for recycling.

The Falkirk Business Improvement District is keen to promote its involvement in environmental initiatives like the clean-up, so effective promotional material that is cost-effective and environmentally sound or reusable is a key element of any activity they are involved with.

An example of this sort of promotional material is Print company in banner printing printing services banner printing. The Falkirk clean-up or other UK clean-up organisers could easily produce a reusable banner with the organiser’s logo or details printed clearl; this could be brought out at each event that they are involved with.

Whilst the Business Improvement District is one of the key areas involved in these clean-ups, other similar events have been taking place throughout the Falkirk area and so far over 5,000 people have volunteered to help keep Falkirk beautiful.