Catalogue of Livingstone’s history to be created

February 13, 2012 by  

A catalogue of the history of Livingstone is set to be created to mark the town’s half-century celebrations, thanks to a grant to the tune of £42,000.

Archivists are working to catalogue the history of the West Lothian town of Livingstone in the run up to its 50th birthday later in 2012. The town has been awarded a grant of £42,000 as part of a National Cataloguing Grant – the only dividend of its kind to be paid in Scotland and the second highest amount that has been paid out by the organisation in Britain.

The aim of the Catalogue is to explore and log the development of the town, from initial conception to today’s thriving community. The catalogue will be contributed to be a number of archivists and will be a complete and comprehensive account of the expansion of Livingstone.

The catalogue of historical artefacts, data and stories will be made available to the local community via a website and a summary will also be printed that will act as a guide to the various collections that make up the history of the area. The archivists may choose to create this by using a local printing company which offers catalogue printing.

Falkirk, Dunfermline and Edinburgh are all nearby areas which have rich and varied histories. Various degrees of research and cataloguing have been done about these areas in the past, but with the successful application of Livingstone’s grant, these communities may be spurred on to catalogue their pasts further.