Berwick council set to produce its own leaflets

October 5, 2011 by  

Berwick Council has announced plans to produce its own promotional leaflets for local events following a missed print deadline. A delay in the process of printing Berwick town council’s events leaflet meant that by the time the job went to print, some key events had already taken place.

The council feels that they will be able to manage the production of their events leaflet in-house, but admit this will put extra pressure on their staff. Maurice McNeely, a councillor at Berwick Town Council spoke about the in-house production of the next edition of the leaflet and said:

“The initial hard work has been done so it shouldn’t be too hard, even given the added pressure it puts on our own staff.”

There is a risk associated with producing documents in-house, because with all the best will in the world, the same expertise will not be available in the way it would be if the council were using a professional printing company.

Falkirk, Edinburgh and other towns north of Berwick all face similar challenges to those faced by Berwick Town Council. Throughout the UK, cities and towns struggle to balance delivering high-quality printed communications to local residents with increasingly important cost-saving challenges.

Many local printing companies offer a tailor-made service when it comes to leaflet and flyer printing, which can not only be attractive for organisations with bespoke requests, but it means that a print job can also be created with a specific budget in mind.