Banner printing used to promote Edinburgh’s West End

August 28, 2011 by  

Edinburgh’s West End shopping area is using innovative banner printing techniques to draw shoppers into its village of niche stores and quirky boutiques.

Six promotional banners have been produced and are now hanging from lamp posts in the West End area of Edinburgh city centre. The idea behind the banners is that they will attract shoppers from nearby streets thanks to their eye-catching nature. The banners have been specially created to withstand extreme weather conditions and should provide the West End Village with a high range of visibility. Banner advertising is already popular in Scotland and more demand for this service may come off the back of Edinburgh’s venture, delivering more business to local companies offering banner printing.

Falkirk, Livingstone and other areas near to Edinburgh all have town centres that could benefit from a promotional boost and banner printing could be the solution they have been looking for to attract shoppers and to drive footfall into local retailers. The West End Village in Edinburgh is one of several ‘villages’ within the city that offers a unique range of boutique shops that may have gone unnoticed without a high-visibility promotional mechanism like banner printing.

Councillor Tom Buchan spoke about the project, saying that:

“Edinburgh is a city of villages, each with its own distinct identity. We want to encourage shoppers to try other areas.”

The banners are part of the town centre regeneration strategy that is being led by the City of Edinburgh Council.