Banner printing in Falkirk could advertise the first Scottish festival of silent film

February 3, 2011 by  

Falkirk Council has proudly just announced that they are set to host Scotland’s first ever Scottish festival of silent film in March this year. The festival will be held at the Hippodrome and will feature a number of film screenings combined with other activities. The reason the film festival has been announced now even though it does not take place until March is because the council needs significant time to drum up interest in the festival by advertising and promoting it.

There are a number of ways in which this could be done, with one of the most effective being to use the Hippodrome itself as a kind of advertising billboard. By contacting companies who offering banner printing in Falkirk, the council could produce eye catching banners that give key screenings, timings and dates along with information on how to obtain tickets. This high-level advertising approach could be easily combined with other promotional approached such as poster printing to ensure Falkirk residents become aware of the film festival and feel encouraged to buy tickets.

The festival will run from 18th to 20th March and will feature classic silent films alongside rare and local pieces of cinema that should draw in significant crowds. Live musical performances will accompany some of the screenings and this includes a performance from renowned silent cinema musician, Neil Brand. This is the kind of message that would lend itself well to banner printing. Falkirk residents are already making positive noises about the silent film festival and with the right kind of promotion it could be set to become a roaring success.