Charity food drive in Bo’ness is a success

May 7, 2013 by  

An initiative to collect donations of food and distribute it to those in need in the Bo’ness region has been hailed as a great success.

The food donation scheme is run by St Andrew’s Church and has since received support from the local Tesco supermarket, as well as benefiting from the donations of generous residents.

The project started in October 2012 and was designed to provide food to those who needed it in an emergency, for example if someone had an extreme change in circumstances that meant they found themselves going hungry.

Tesco got involved by placing a trolley at the entrance of its store where shoppers can donate spare food that they have purchased as part of their shopping trip. The shopping trolley also gives people more information about the scheme thanks to leaflets that are available on the trolley. The leaflets have been produced using flyer printing and Falkirk and Bo’ness residents can pick one up to find out the kinds of goods that the scheme requires.

Speaking on behalf of Tesco, Tracy Paton said:

“It’s local people providing for and helping local people in our community, which is a fantastic thing.”

Organiser Mike Munro commented on the generosity of people who give to the scheme, saying:

“There’s never been a week we’ve not managed to give to everybody referred. There’s maybe not as much left by the time we have done that but by the next Thursday we are ready. The stuff just comes in! You just can’t thank people enough, we’re just amazed every week.”

More information can be found out by visiting Tesco in Bo’ness.

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