Virtual access to Roman Exeter

January 5, 2018 by  

It is now possible to take a virtual trip to the Exeter of Roman times.

The heritage of Exeter, which includes the contents of the Royal Albert Memorial Museum and Art Gallery, can now be visited via the Minecraft video game. The Minecraft game is really popular with the public. Marketing services in Exeter can be used by firms which want to benefit from the history of the city.

For those unfamiliar with the game, Minecraft can be viewed as virtual Lego. It is also feasible for those who do not play Minecraft to take a journey to the past. This is because the Exeter Time Trail has a website. A researcher in the University of Exeter, Sofia Romualdo, has worked on the game venture. Romualdo said:

“The beauty of these new maps is they allow people to explore real places in different ways that are fun and educational.”

A partnership approach has been used to bring the initiative together. Cotswold Archaeology, Exeter City Council, the University of Reading and the University of Exeter have all come together to support the ‘A Place in Time’ Project.

Although the opportunity to look at aspects of Roman Exeter is likely to be a powerful draw, those behind the scheme have provided the public with an alternative. This option gives people the chance to view the city walls as they were a few centuries ago.