Street food delicatessen opens in Exeter

May 4, 2018 by  

Asian street food is now available on Gandy Street in Exeter.

The Red Panda delicatessen opened recently. Flyer printing from Exeter can be really useful for new businesses. The Choccie Bar on Gandy Street was popular, but its replacement will offer customers Chinese style options and Vietnamese style classics. The establishment shall cater for the specific requirements of vegans.

James McCarthy is the proprietor of the eatery and he told Devon Live:

“It’s very exciting coming to the big city and we’re hoping that people will like our food. It’s just honest Asian street food. Everything revolves around chilli, ginger, garlic and soy sauce.”

McCarthy is eager to deliver real choice to consumers. People will be able to choose the sauces which adorn their food. Chicken could be served in a baguette. This option might go really well with a Vietnamese sauce. Fresh ingredients should ensure that the food has plenty of flavour.

Natalie McCarthy, the wife of the owner of the Exeter venture, opened a Red Panda within Lyme Regis last year. The entrepreneurs have spent more than two decades in Asia. They have resided in Japan and Vietnam. The couple simply like to cook a lot.

The opening hours of Red Panda shall be restricted to begin with. However, evening sessions are likely to become a reality if all goes according to plan.