Exeter Schools Project promotes health of children

October 7, 2017 by  

The Devon Wildlife Trust (DWT) is helping Exeter’s children to discover the great outdoors.

The initiative is based on getting children to take some time out from the pressures associated with social media. The People’s Postcode Lottery decided to give its backing to the scheme. Emily Bacon of the DWT has got on a tricycle with the aim of assisting children to engage with the natural world. Charitable organisations can use newsletter printing from Exeter to record their progress.

Bacon told Devon Live:

“The bike is brilliant. I have to carry lots of stuff to do my job bringing outdoor learning to children around the city. From art materials, to cooking equipment and shelter building materials – the tools of my trade are bulky and heavy.”

In the past, Bacon was obliged to use a conventional vehicle or seek lifts. Now she has a green alternative at her disposal. Importantly, the contraption has allowed the charity to secure accreditation for its ecological performance. The pedals can be powered by electricity, while the machine has a large bucket to help Bacon to hit her targets.

Bacon praised the network of cycle routes within Exeter. She claimed that this enables her to get round some of the congested areas of the city in a convenient way. However, she admitted that Exeter has plenty of hills.