Exeter ranked highly for quality of life

March 6, 2018 by  

A recent report has suggested that Exeter is the best of British in terms of quality of life.

The report, produced by Arcadis, is entitled ‘The work on Investing in Britain: Cities Built for the Future’ and was done to study urban growth prospects and to boost investment. Brochure printing from Exeter may highlight positive news about the city. Exeter outperformed rivals like Reading when factors such as air quality, living costs, mortality rates, crime and accessible green space were taken into account.

Arcadis’ Peter Hogg stated:

“While regions around the country may need to prioritise several types of investment to address different types of weaknesses, they should all aspire to improve quality of life. Where places are attractive, affordable, healthy and safe, it is easier to share the benefits of prosperity more widely.”

In the overall category, Exeter was ranked higher than Birmingham and came an impressive ninth in the table. Plymouth did not fare nearly as well as Devon’s beautiful cathedral city.

Exeter did not do quite so well when it came to infrastructure. Nonetheless, it did get a respectable score in this important category. When factors like congestion, ultrafast broadband, airport access and public transport links were considered, Exeter was ranked in tenth place.

If Exeter wants to make further progress, it could try to address issues which are restricting investment. If local housing was more affordable then this could give the economy a boost.