Exeter planners give green light to new homes

November 6, 2016 by  

Proposals for over 100 homes in Exeter have been given the seal of approval from urban planners.

The vision behind the plan involves more than just the construction of 101 homes. Although local open space will be used for housing, an artificial pitch for sport will form part of the initiative. Brochure printers in Exeter could be used to showcase the new homes.

A spokesperson for Exeter College told the Exeter Express and Echo:

“We as a college are committed to investing in the future for the benefit of our learners, the community and the city. Our sports strategy is a key part of this, supporting wellbeing and encouraging greater participation levels in sport to help people live healthier lives.”

The planning application is intended to balance the different needs of the community. According to the spokesperson of Exeter College, the idea is that a playground and changing rooms will be built on the site.

A previous planning application of a similar nature had been declined by authorities. However, this decision was appealed against after the process had apparently not been conducted in line with the relevant statutory requirements.

Planning officials said that the shift in policy was due to two factors. Firstly, legal advice had been obtained from an expert. Secondly, an audit into the playing field situation had been performed.