Exeter flooring business relocates

February 7, 2017 by  

Walter Wall Flooring in Exeter has moved from Polsoe Road as its owner makes a fresh start.

The Polsoe Road location was proving to be costly for the company. To save £10,000 each month, the owner of the firm chose to shift the operation to a trio of containers in Exminster. The site of the lock-up which now stores the containers could be unfamiliar to existing customers so the use of marketing services in Exeter may be a shrewd move.

Max Nash made the relocation decision and did so because the firm was in serious financial difficulties. These had allegedly arisen because of disappointing work performed by third parties. Nash had outsourced various activities because of the pressure of demand. He has serious concerns about the future of his sector. However, he has a plan to do his bit to raise standards and shared it with the Exeter Express and Echo:

“Those 60-year-old floorers, who do things properly, are fading away. The flooring trade is in dire straits. I want to go round to schools and colleges and get people into the flooring and carpeting trade.”

According to Nash, the flooring sector is not getting sufficient recruits. For him, it is dwarfed by trades like building and plumbing. Furthermore, flooring can be perceived as an area for specialists.

Nash suffered considerably due to his poor experience. Nonetheless, he found that the HMRC was helpful when he addressed the situation.