Exeter Fire Appeal raises almost £19,000

January 6, 2017 by  

Nearly £19,000 was collected in response to the fire at Devon’s Royal Clarence Hotel.

Some of the proceeds from the Exeter Fire Appeal (EFA) have already been allocated to individuals and firms that were hit by the blaze. While the destiny of over £9,400 has been determined, the fate of the remainder of the money has been the subject of a public consultation.

Almost £10,000 had to be disposed of formally. Several options were provided and print shops within Exeter could be used depending on the decisions which are made. Martha Wilkinson, the chief executive for the Devon Community Foundation (DCF), told the Torquay Herald Express:

“The options reflect what people told us when they donated and Devon Community Foundation believes passionately that charitable funds should be used as quickly as possible in the spirit in which they were given to make a real difference.”

The various options could be chosen individually. However, it was possible to choose to support all three of the suggested ways forward. Exeter CVS, the local authority and DCF were connected with the management of the charitable appeal. This cooperation developed after unofficial campaigning was launched on the internet.

The first choice involved the creation of a cultural tribute to the damaged buildings. The second possibility was that the charity for firefighters could be assisted. The third idea was that homeless and vulnerable people could get support from giving the resources to specialist organisations.