Exeter DJ pays tribute to the ‘90s

August 10, 2017 by  

A new venue is opening in Exeter, offering a night of music from the 1990s.

The event has been called Cool Britannia, and aims to capitalise on nostalgia for a range of musical genres.

The Arcade Exeter has relocated to Fore Street from South Street, and this change of site represents an expansion. The new venue is a replacement for The Crossbar, and is the sort of place that may fresh audiences going forward by using more flyers and other promotional items in the Exeter region.

Clubbers who attend the 90s evening will not only have the opportunity to hear some of their favourite tunes from the era, but will also have the chance to play some old-fashioned games in an arcade setting. DJ Mike James pointed out that during the 1990s, British music was of international importance, and suggested to Devon Live that variety would keep the dance floor busy. He said:

“Of course this will be expertly mixed with the biggest tunes from the charts that people might not remember until they hit their ears but will then be singing along at the tops of their voices.”

James has been critical of many 90s nights for focusing too exclusively on hits from the charts. He has been eager to praise diverse genres like grunge, trip hop and house music, as well as Britpop.