Exeter-based firm cashes in on Pokémon Go

February 6, 2018 by  

An Exeter business has made huge amounts of money from the Pokémon Go phenomenon.

Tomy UK is located in Exeter and it has recently announced a surge in income due to the resilience of the brand from Japan. Marketing services from Exeter can be used to promote positive corporate news. Tomy UK has gained millions of pounds from the continued success of Pokémon Go. A report from executive Damien Weight stated:

“The financial position has improved due to the liquidation of obsolete and slow moving inventory, resulting in a 39 per cent reduction in inventory, with consequent improvement in the cash balance of £2,854,000 and reduction in bank borrowing of £9,829,000.”

The Pokémon Go game is partly based on gyms and landmarks. Exeter players are fortunate as they have some significant landmarks such as The Riddle, St David’s Railway Station and Exeter Cathedral.

Pokémon Go is a free mobile game. Players can access the fun via an Android or iOS device. During 2016, the game was immensely popular and a few concerns were expressed about its potential implications for road safety. Since then, these have calmed down and anxieties seem to have gone away.

Tomy Company was created by the merger of Takara and Tomy back in 2006. Currently, Tomy UK does have some office space outside Exeter. This office accommodation is situated within Weybridge in Surrey.