Business breakfast in Exeter to get inspiration

September 12, 2017 by  

The INSPIRE strategy is to be discussed at Exeter’s Like Minds Business Breakfast.

Jonathon Slobham hopes to help entrepreneurs in two main ways. Firstly, he wants to boost their confidence. Secondly, he wishes to enable them to deliver lasting change. Slobham is not simply passionate because he sticks with a systematic approach. This will be outlined at the morning meeting. Business card printing within Exeter can increase because of dynamic networking events.

Andrew Ellis, the creator of the Like Minds concept, told Devon Live:

“This is a must attend event if you’re looking to fine tune your marketing strategy, either within your business or as an external agency. Jonathon is one of the leading marketing strategists in the country and has worked with a wide range of companies giving them a defined framework for success.”

The INSPIRE strategy was created by Slobham. He is the marketing consultant who founded Peppered Moth. This organisation aims to assist SMEs in their pursuit of growth.

The INSPIRE methodology is based on Insight, Needs analysis, Segmentation, Prioritisation, Intended positioning, Readiness and Execution. The upshot of all the hard work is the production of a marketing calendar. This tactical document can cover a year of activity, but it might take less than a week to make.

Slobham will showcase his knowledge after an informal session of networking. The event is backed by Astley Media and Barclays.