Unusual new café launches in Edinburgh

December 12, 2017 by  

A new café with a twist has recently opened in Edinburgh, giving dog lovers a place to enjoy a coffee whilst being around chihuahuas.

The Scottish capital city already has a popular cat café, so it is perhaps only fair that canine-friendly coffee fiends have somewhere to go too, and this was certainly the thinking of the woman behind it. Tanya Salitura got the idea from Japanese pet cafés, as well as from her own passion for pooches.

The Chihuahua Café is located on Frederick Street and, according to the Scotsman, Tanya said during an interview on the radio that visitors will find eight dogs – all of whom underwent socialisation via earlier pop-up versions of the concept.

She went on to state that, although the venue is offering food and drink options you would expect to find in a standard café, this has been combined with the freedom to interact with the dogs. Tanya added:

“As a niche café concept you tend to book a session to visit us and whilst you’re in the café you have our eight resident chihuahuas roaming freely amongst you. Whilst you’re having your coffee you have a little cuddle or a play at the same time.”

Cafés such as this often seek the services of local printers that provide customised drinkware and lamination services for all aspects of the business.