Shops pop up in Edinburgh

June 4, 2010 by  

Most retailers are aware of the benefits of point of sale advertising. It brings people into your store and makes them aware of the special offers that you might have in stock. Most local people will know your store in the area and be aware of what you sell. Point of sale advertising is just a way to highlight to passing customers any particular promotions or messages.

If your retail outlet is part of the recent trend of temporary pop up shops though, your window display and point of sale advertising is absolutely essential as you need to drive as much trade into your store as quickly as possible before your store ‘pops up’ elsewhere.

A couple, with a passion for chocolate, have taken a pop up shop in Edinburgh on George Street and have made sure that their point of sale advertising is as enticing as possible in order to intrigue passersby. The poster over the shop,, is a clue to what lies inside this temporary store. With a huge poster over the door, showing a photograph of a beautiful model with only swirls of molten chocolate to protect her modesty, the customers are enticed into the outlet which offers the most exquisite chocolate bites in this boutique retail unit.

Other businesses wanting to take advantage of the wealth of retail outlets left empty during these difficult times could learn from this lesson in POS printing in Edinburgh. If you are only taking an outlet for a few weeks, it is absolutely imperative to ensure that your shop stands out on the high street.