New Edinburgh flights launching this summer

April 4, 2018 by  

A new flight route will be introduced this summer, directly connecting Scotland with China.

These new flights are being run by Carrier Hainan Airlines and the company will be providing two flights between the Scottish and Chinese capitals each week. It represents the result of a negotiation between the airports in the two cities that has been going on for three years, and could have a significant tourism impact.

There is a real expectation that the flights will lead to more people from China choosing to make trips to Scotland, with Edinburgh already being a city that holds great appeal to people from abroad – due to attractions like its castle and festival.

Speaking to the Scotsman, Edinburgh Airport’s chief executive, Gordon Dewar, stated that Edinburgh was very popular with Chinese visitors, as London is currently the only city within the UK that attracts higher tourist numbers, adding:

“This is an incredibly exciting day for the airport, for the city and for the country. Tourism is one of our biggest economic drivers and still has masses of potential to unleash.”

The new flights are set to become available on the 12th of June. Many companies in the travel industry often team up with those in the printing sector to create a number of brochures to provide the public with plenty of information about potential trips.