Light display to launch in Edinburgh

February 1, 2018 by  

A show of lights is set to come to Edinburgh this month, giving both visitors and residents the chance to brighten up their winter nights through a display of lights, which has been described as an immersive experience in sound and colour.

This display is called Edinburgh Lumen and is scheduled to take place in three areas of the city – St Andrew Square, Assembly Rooms Lane and the Mound Precinct. According to the display’s organisers, the first two will encounter visions that offer the peace and tranquillity of zen.

The names given to these two sections of the display are the Serenity Gardens and Moments Lane, whilst the one in the Mound Precinct is being called Ocean of Light – and will feature 12,000 lights suspended more than five metres above the ground.

Moments Lane will combine lights with scenes of animation, while Serenity Gardens will blend lights and soothing music. NL Productions are creating the display and Marketing Edinburgh Chief Executive, John Donnelly, told the Edinburgh Reporter:

“Edinburgh has a cultural calendar to admire, filled with world class festivals and celebrated traditions. The addition of Edinburgh Lumen will give locals and visitors even more reasons to shout about the city that’s constantly innovating.”

The display launches on February 8th and shows of this kind often use poster printing to help attract visitors.