Fly posting at Edinburgh Festival

August 4, 2010 by  

The month of August sees the return of the festival to the city of Edinburgh. Every year, thousands of visitors descend on the area to enjoy a wide range of arts in this historic city. This provides a great opportunity for relevant advertisers to put their message in front of such a large audience in Edinburgh. However, advertisers should bear in mind, before looking for print companies in Edinburgh, that there are restrictions on displaying posters and flyers around the city without authorisation and that Edinburgh City Council are keen to protect the image and appearance of this great city.

For the Edinburgh Festival, in order to reduce the unsightly appearance of telephone boxes or empty shop windows being covered with posters and flyers, poster drums and fencing are erected around the city to provide official space for posters to avoid over decoration of the streets. This also helps the council’s cleanup efforts and reduces the costs they spend on returning the streets to good but does mean that advertisers will have to pay to have a presence at the festival.

A company called City Centre Posters offer the authorised poster space on behalf of the City of Edinburgh Council with key locations wrapped around Edinburgh lampposts in areas where the Fringe audience will be targeted. As there is a company to manage this ‘fly posting’ it means that an advertiser’s display will not risk looking shabby and will be well posted and maintained and will therefore not damage the look of the brand.