Edinburgh to host gin festival

November 2, 2018 by  

Gin is a spirit that has enjoyed a huge increase in popularity among young people in recent years and now a festival devoted to it is coming to Edinburgh later this year.

The event is called the Gin Lounge Festival and it is set to feature more than 60 different types of gin, with Boutiquey Gin, IWSC, Kokoro, Arbikie, Bathtub, Lakes Gin, No. 3, Edinburgh Gin and Cotswold Gin among the brands that will be on offer. The Assembly Rooms on George Street will be serving as the venue for the festival.

In addition to the celebrated gin brands, the festival will also give attendees the option to sample rarer types of gin, including Nerabus Islay Gin, which is the only one to be produced on the Scots island of Islay.

There will also be the opportunity to create a gin of your own, via a number of master classes on making the drink. It will be an essential experience for gin fans and events like this are often publicised through the use of promotional products.

Gin Lounge founder Amanda Ludlow told Edinburgh Live:

“Following the success of the Whisky Lounge, we wanted to bring our expertise and passion for gin together and I believe the Edinburgh Gin Lounge Festival will do just that.”

It will take place between 12pm and 4pm on Saturday 1st December.