Edinburgh print event explores digital opportunities

March 24, 2010 by  

Smaller brochure printers and larger litho print firms in Edinburgh will all be interested in new opportunities offered by the developments in digital print. The printing industry publication Print Week recently hosted a breakfast briefing in Edinburgh on emerging digital opportunities in the UK. The event took place on 18th March at the Edinburgh Malmaison hotel and featured three speakers.

APS Group managing director, Mr. Allan Doyle, spoke about the power of data and how it is crucial to realising the digital opportunity in print. APS Group recently secured the managed print service element of the Scottish Government’s print management contract, worth up to £170 million. Mr. Doyle revealed how the utilisation of data can enable printing companies to develop a collaborative relationship with clients, helping them to move up the supply chain.

Mr. Robin Presky, client director at award-winning marketing agency Quant Presky Maves, went on to speak about their work with Ikea. He explained how his company helped Ikea to realise the value of its customer data and implement a fully integrated marketing campaign. Using the Ikea example, Mr. Presky went on to explain how a business can get clients not only to think about the opportunities generated by digital print, but how to get clients to act upon them.

The last speaker was Mr. Francis Atterbury, a director of award-winning fine art and photographic book consultancy Hurtwood. He spoke about the power of digital print. Using examples of high profile digital print contracts he has handled, he highlighted digital print quality as no longer being a stumbling block then focused on ramifications and opportunities presented to the book sector.

The event in Edinburgh proved invaluable to the print industry as a whole.