70 new homes proposed for Lothian Village

July 2, 2010 by  

Edinburgh companies offering poster printing may find themselves with some business as a property developer in the area is planning to use leaflet printing and poster printing in Edinburgh to spread the word with local people about their new proposed housing development for a Midlothian village.

The property company, Banks Property Development Ltd, has submitted its new plans to build up to 70 new homes in a Midlothian village, located towards the south-west of Cemetery Road in Rosewell.

As part of its development plans, Banks Property Development will want to discuss the proposals for the 70 homes with local villagers in the area and the company is also proposing to hold a public exhibition in the middle of August at Rosewell’s Chapel Hall. Printing leaflets to distribute to villagers and putting posters up in local shops in the area is hoped will ensure that villagers are fully informed of what is going on in the village with regards to the development plans. Midlothian Council will then assess and consider Banks Property Development’s plans that were submitted earlier in June, for the new homes at a later date.

Leaflets offer a very inexpensive way of spreading a company’s message to a great number of people as printing large numbers of marketing materials such as leaflets will be cost effective. Plus, with leaflet distribution, your company can be very postcode specific. Small posters can be effective in achieving display in local amenities, such as shops or doctors surgeries, if you have a very localised community message to display.