Floating car clubs on the way

May 29, 2018 by  

Edgware residents are set to have a new transport option in the near future, after plans for floating car clubs have been given the green light.

Residents of Barnet, not far from Edgware, gave their support to this scheme during the consultation process, with 71% stating that they thought it would be a good idea. The aim behind the plans is to cut the levels of traffic congestion as well as providing locals with better access to cars.

The clubs that are being planned for the borough differ from standard ones in that, instead of users taking the cars back to the place they got them from, they have the option of leaving them at the most conveniently located bay instead.

It seems likely that the plans will have a significant take-up once they are implemented, as 58.5% of those spoken to during the consultation stated that there was a high chance that they would make use of the clubs.

In addition to cutting back on problems with congestion and car parking, those behind the scheme are also hopeful that it will have benefits for the environment – by reducing emissions and enhancing the quality of the air.

The scheme will get underway in the summer and new projects of this sort are often promoted using printing services.