Charity marathon bid for Edgware man

April 18, 2018 by  

A man who lives in Edgware is set to take on this year’s London Marathon, as part of a bid to raise money and awareness of a charity close to his heart.

Daniel Quint is 44 and lives in The Rise district of Edgware. He has decided to take part in the annual marathon so that he can raise funding for The Cure Parkinson’s Trust (CPT), with this charity being particularly important to him because his own father-in-law suffered with the disease for much of his life.

Mark Monk contracted Parkinson’s in his thirties and lived with it for four decades. During that time he devoted his energy to championing CPT, and now Daniel is taking up the mantle with his charity run, having already raised more than £5,000.

He has dedicated several hours a week to training and aims to finish the 26-mile event in less than four hours. Speaking to a reporter from Times Series, he stated that:

“Persistence and commitment are two attributes that I have needed to get through the last nine months of training. My father-in-law’s example has acted to spur me on to allow me to reach for my goal of a sub-four hour marathon. I hope I can deliver.”

The marathon is held on 22nd April and many who go to support the runners use banner printing.