Scots are Lone Rangers no longer

October 30, 2010 by  

Figures on the number of Scots car sharing have jumped a massive 50% in the past two years as more and more people begin to share lifts to work.

Figures reported in the Sunday Herald in Scotland will have been boosted by a campaign that ran in Scotland earlier in October encouraging more people to lift share to work. A poster campaign went up to recruit more drivers, and those wanting to share lifts, with an eye catching ‘Wanted’ western style creative aimed at encouraging people not to be ‘lone rangers’ when it comes to driving themselves to work. As the posters went up, produced by companies offering poster printing in East Kilbride and other areas around Scotland, testament was paid to car sharing by Catriona Kerr from East Kilbride, who already car shares to work in Stirling every day. She found the journey costly and tiring until pairing up with someone who also lived in East Kilbride.

The benefits to car sharing can be significant on many levels. Financially the savings can be substantial, not only in terms of fuel which has seen price rises over recent years but wear and tear on your own vehicle, parking costs etc. As people become more environmentally aware, the idea of car sharing becomes more appealing – particularly to those who are worried about their impact on their environment but have no convenient public transport in their area to use as an alternative. Even where public transport is an alternative, figures from the Government have shown that emissions from buses or trains exceed those from a small car full of people.