Residents urged to display posters to stop housing development

September 29, 2010 by  

Companies offering poster printing in East Kilbride or other areas of South Lanarkshire have helped a residents association fight their cause against a housing development in the South Lanarkshire area. The proposed housing site, in Gilbertfield, would bring a development of 350 homes to the area. A residents group called the Lightburn Tenants and Residents Association have held a meeting in the area to try to tackle the proposal and encourage people living in the area to come together to discuss how they can fight the plans.

The Flemington and Hallside Church was the location for the resident’s group meeting where more than one hundred people came together to discuss their objections to the planning application. John Edgar chaired the meeting and Councillor Richard Tullett, was in attendance to try to answer any questions from the public. Mr Edgar handed out printed posters to those in attendance carrying the message ‘Save Gilbertfield’ in order for those in opposition to the plans to be able to publically display their objections to the plans. However, Mr Edgar warned that it was not enough just to display the poster but that all residents who objected to the idea of the large housing development should put their comments in writing and officially object to ensure that the development would be halted.

Mr Edgar encouraged people to stick with their campaign to stop the housing development and advised that residents standing strong together would ensure the greatest chance of success. The plans have been submitted by Mactaggart and Mickel, developers in the area.