Posters depict Isle of Skye to promote whisky from East Kilbride

November 21, 2010 by  

Companies offering poster printing in East Kilbride may have inadvertently aided Diageo, an international drinks company, in producing advertising that misleads the public as to the origins of one of its famous brands according to a news website for the area,

Diageo’s whisky brand, Talisker, is matured in East Kilbride but the website,, claims that their latest poster marketing campaign appears to depict a more romantic setting for the brand’s origins. With the strap line ‘Made by the Sea’, Talisker, a single malt scotch whisky appears to be depicted as having been matured on the Isle of Skye with a photograph used to give the impression of a romantic Skye scene. The statement released from Talisker’s advertising agency waxes lyrical about the new campaign stating that their poster creative plays on the ‘maritime associations’ of the Talisker brand., however, have claimed that the image is in fact a photograph showing a scene from the Brittany coast rather than the famous Scottish Isle of Skye and that this serves to mislead consumers of the origins of the whisky. The news website claims that this is not the first time that they have exposed Diageo as misleading consumers in their marketing campaigns.

In 2009, the website claims that Diageo’s advertisements then made claims that Talisker was ‘influenced by seaweed’ and ‘lashed by the sea spray of the west coast’ of Skye. They claimed that Diageo stated that the place where the whisky matured was irrelevant but it was’s view that this and the poster campaign misleads the public about how a large proportion of the industry operates.