Postcards inspire campaign

July 22, 2010 by  

The environmental charity Keep Britain Tidy has taken inspiration from cheeky 1970s style seaside postcards for their latest creative execution. To persuade people to put their litter in the bin, the charity’s creative agency, Inferno, has come up with the saucy postcard-inspired execution which will be seen running across outdoor advertising poster sites, in local communities on posters and on bus sides.

The advertising campaign will roll out across the country with really localised messages using another poster execution entitled “Get behind us”. The “us” will be replaced by the name of the relevant city in each area to really appeal to the local community, such as East Kilbride.

A spokesperson for Keep Britain Tidy emphasised the millions of pounds spent every year in Britain on cleaning up the streets and encouraged everyone to think about picking up one piece of litter every day in order to see a difference.

The message is a serious one but portrayed in a fun and appealing way however, it is not without its criticism. The Plain English Campaign has called the Keep Britain Tidy posters “childish and immature” and seemed to suggest that, despite its clean message, the posters were deemed to be “too dirty”. Keep Britain Tidy responded saying it felt that the money spent each year trying to keep Britain clean was more obscene than the poster creative itself.

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