Postcard printing in East Kilbride could ramp up due to Olympic partnership

December 20, 2010 by  

Companies offering services such as postcard printing in East Kilbride could soon be receiving requests for souvenir postcards thanks to an Olympic partnership. Calderglen High School in East Kilbride is one of four schools in Scotland to be selected to be twinned with a school elsewhere in the world as part of the BBC’s World Olympic Dreams Project. The partnership could breathe new life into the local businesses of East Kilbride and could trigger a rise in the amount of tourists visiting the area, which may provide a much-needed boost to the economy. Companies who provide souvenir postcard printing in East Kilbride could see a rise in custom as the local authorities prepare to promote this historic event.

Local printing companies in East Kilbride will welcome this potential increase in custom and will no doubt strive to do their town proud by providing high quality services to support Olympic-themed events, using their skills to provide poster, flyer and postcard printing. East Kilbride’s Calderglen High School is set to be twinned with the Merlyn Diamond secondary school which is located in Namibia. This offers the opportunity for Scottish pupils to learn more about other cultures whilst focusing on the health benefits that sports and the Olympics can bring.

As well as benefiting local students and printing companies in East Kilbride, local businesses will embrace the opportunity to ramp up advertising and attract the custom of any tourists that come to the area as a result of this initiative.