Leaflets used to protest against methane extraction plans

March 28, 2012 by  

Residents of Lanarkshire have been working together to show their opposition to plans to build a methane gas testing plant in the region.

North Lanarkshire Council recently received an application for planning permission for a company to test for methane gas on a site in Moodiesburn. The company behind the planning application were Reach CSG, a coal bed methane research company. Reach CSG met opposition from local residents and from Devro, a local business who make casings for the food industry.

Both Devro and nearby residents were concerned that by drilling the ground to extract methane gas, the region’s buildings would be at risk of having damage to the ground that these structures rely on. There is also a possibility that water could be contaminated by chemicals used in methane gas extraction methods. This is why local residents tackled the issue with a petition and by distributing leaflets created using flyer printing.

East Kilbride, Dumbarton and the wider Lanarkshire region could be at risk of the issues raised by drilling for methane gas if Reach CSG decides to reapply for planning permission. A councillor spoke about the decision to stop Reach CSG’s proposal to extract methane gas in the area. He said:

“I am [also] delighted at the response by the local community in regards to their opposition and gathering of petitions in response to this application. Reach CSG has formally withdrawn their application and accordingly the site visit and hearing will no longer be applicable. The danger now lies in any future applications being made in regards to the extraction of coal bed methane gas.”