Leaflet launched to help protect vulnerable adults

April 17, 2011 by  

A leaflet has been produced by South Lanarkshire’s Adult Protection Committee to help protect vulnerable adults and to encourage people to raise the alarm if they suspect a person is at risk or in danger. This pocket sized leaflet is designed to be distributed to employees throughout the region and members of the committee hope that this will alert workers in a variety of positions about the need to protect vulnerable adults.

The South Lanarkshire Adult Protection Committee have produced this pocket sized leaflet with the intention of equipping people who may have contact with vulnerable adults in their home environment with the tools they need to alert the authorities if they feel someone is at risk of harm. In 2008, the Adult Protection Legislation stated that any reports made to social workers about a vulnerable adult must be investigated. Vulnerable adults can fall into a variety of categories, from being mentally ill to disabled or to having learning difficulties. Flyer printing in areas like East Kilbride and the wider Lanarkshire region is an effective way of communicating important messages like this and by creating pocket-sized leaflets, the Adult Protection Committee hopes to reach a wide audience.

Traditionally, social workers and nurses have been the ones to inform the authorities of any potential risks to vulnerable adults but this campaign produced using flyer printing targets East Kilbride and Lanarkshire businesses across the spectrum, from plumbers to post office workers in the hope that increased awareness could save lives.