International Children’s Gamesis held in Lanarkshire

July 29, 2011 by  

The International Children’s Games event is to be held in Lanarkshire in August, marking the 45th year of the event.

Councils throughout Lanarkshire are behind the International Children’s Games, seeing it as both an opportunity to draw visitors into the area and as a way to promote healthy living to local residents. The games start on 3rd August and run until 8th August, featuring over 1,500 children from 80 cities around the world.

Organisations throughout North and South Lanarkshire are supporting the hosting of this sporting event and have worked together with the event organisers to produce a printed magazine that will be delivered to each house in the region, meaning that everyone has the opportunity to find out more about the games. By producing a communication like this, the organisers of the International Children’s Games could keep costs down and improve efficiencies by using conveniently located specialist magazine or brochure printers.

East Kilbride, Hamilton and the surrounding areas will play host to the number of young athletes descending on the area over the coming weeks and there is a general air of excitement about the games, with a countdown being held on the official website and the magazine generating a buzz out in the community. The magazine is also available as a pdf download from the International Children’s Games’ website.

Tickets for the games are currently sold out, but coverage in local newspapers and on local websites is expected to allow residents from throughout Lanarkshire to enjoy this event.