Grant for East Kilbride American Football Team

February 28, 2010 by  

When it comes to merchandising and promotion, such as printed posters, there are few sports in the world that can compete with American Football. However, outside of the US, such as in the UK for example, the sport is struggling along with the help and support of grants.

East Kilbride has its own American Football team, the East Kilbride Pirates, and they’ve just secured funding by way of a grant that will allow them to develop the game further at grass roots level. The Pirates recently secured a grant of £9,900 from the Lottery Commission.

The Lottery scheme offers grants of between £500 and £10,000 for sports and the arts, and the money given to the East Kilbride Pirates will allow them to promote the sport among the young in the area, and get the local community playing American Football. The money will be used on the youth teams, providing them with sports equipment.

Matthew Davies is the chairman of the Pirates, he commented:

This is fantastic news for the Pirates. The money means a tremendous amount to the team as we can now move ahead with our plans for new youth and junior American Football teams.

This year is an important milestone in our history – the 25th anniversary of the East Kilbride Pirates – and it feels very appropriate that at a time when we’re celebrating the past, we’re also securing the team’s future. This will offer a new and exciting sport to young people in South Lanarkshire and create a talent pipeline for our senior team.

The Pirates are currently preparing for the coming season, where print companies in East Kilbride will also be well underway producing flyers, posters and promotional material to advertise the Pirates’ home games.

The Pirates are also looking for junior players in East Kilbride, aged between 14 and 18 years of age.