Glasgow housing association revamps its identity

February 25, 2012 by  

A Glasgow-based housing association has revamped its identity following a rebrand which will be carried throughout its promotional and marketing materials over the year.

Queens Cross Housing Association has been working with an agency called Strand in order to revamp its look and to elevate the perception of the association to prospective tenants. Queen’s Cross currently manages over 4,500 residences throughout the Glasgow region and is always looking for opportunities to grow – and the brand’s new identity should help this to happen. The identity centres on a new logo which symbolises community and togetherness.

Liz Campbell is a board member at Queens Cross and worked as part of the group which developed the brand. She told The Drum Magazine:

“We have large scale redevelopment programmes in place for our four neighbourhood areas. And we now have a logo that shows the Association and local communities are ready for new opportunities and the challenges ahead. The new logo will help us develop an even stronger sense of identity for Queens Cross.”

The new logo will be rolled out across all brand assets throughout 2012, which means more work could be created for local leaflet, brochure and stationery printing companies.

Nearby East Kilbride is home to print shops which offer bespoke printing services, and small runs of print could help Queens Cross to manage the rebrand gradually, replacing stationery which carries the old branding with newly printed stationery as it runs out, for example.