Flexible service and a fair price

July 13, 2010 by  

East Kilbride Mail, an East Kilbride print publication, recently ran an article about Minuteman Press:

The whole business of printing – whether it’s information leaflets or company stationery – can sometimes seem an expensive hassle that devours time and money in an equal measure.

You can find yourself saddled with a set quantity deal in order to get a particular job done, and you may find you have to pay a premium to get anything beyond the most basic task finished in a reasonable time.

Joe McLaughlin, owner of Kelvin Industrial Estate-based printing and design enterprise Minuteman Press, knows all the pitfalls, and spends his working life trying to help people avoid them.

“We’re the East Kilbride outlet in a large and hugely successful global franchise,” he says, “so we’re able to develop our very local custom while at the same time drawing on the strength of the parent company.”

It’s a firm which not only ensures it’s up to speed with all the latest printing developments but which has impressive accumulated expertise in a wide range of professional disciplines.  Even a cursory look at some of the more ambitious jobs carried out by the firm is enough to reveal an approach which delivers excellent results.

Minuteman’s key to success is flexibility – customers may want anything from a set of company account books to a whole brand new identity; because the firm is also a highly-skilled design operation.  Business customers can on occasion adopt a Minuteman Press-designed motif for their whole company livery, in branded logos deployed on anything from vans to pens to headed notepaper.

However at the same time this innovative bespoke service is competitive, flexible, and also completely at home with the sort of jobs some other firms find irksome or are only able to do expensively.

For example just one of the company’s specialties are those impressive roll-out standing banner adverts you typically see at exhibitions and conferences.

“Minuteman Press is a business which has thrived on developing the strength of a big go-ahead operation to use at a local level,” said Joe McLaughlin.

“You’re dealing one to one with someone who is going to find you the best solution for your particular need.

“Meanwhile we are using our vast network of contacts to source the best way of ensuring we deliver a perfect result.

“We’ve deliberately set out to make ourselves a business attuned to the needs of our local customers in East Kilbride, and because we do understand our market here we’re in an even better position to provide truly cost effective yet imaginative solutions to all sorts of printing challenges.”

The business has enjoyed steady success since it launched at Kelvin Industrial Estate three years ago.  A “one stop shop” which can deliver exemplary results and a flexible service at a fair price has a lot going for it.

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