East Kilbride print supplier helps raise money for charity

April 25, 2010 by  

Local businesses in Print company in East Kilbride printing services East Kilbride have banded together to help to raise £40,000 so that an East Kilbride girl can receive a life changing operation. The eight year old girl, Jade Mitchell, suffers from cerebral palsy and she needs the money so that she can travel to Missouri in the USA for the operation. Thanks to the help and support of local businesses, including a print supplier in East Kilbride, local residents, children and staff of businesses, they are well on their way to raising the full amount.

The fund for Jade currently stands at over £15,000 – still a little short of the £40,000 target. Jade attends St Vincent’s Primary School in East Kilbride, and once the money has been raised she will be able to make the 4,000 mile journey to the USA. Local residents and businesses have been conducting fund raising events, include sponsored walks, fun days, bag packs and pamper nights.

Jade is a sufferer of a form of cerebral palsy called spastic diplegia. This means that she does not have full use of her legs, restricting her physical activities. She is able to walk, but cannot walk very far. The surgery in the USA could, hopefully, allow her more freedom of movement.

The groundbreaking surgery has been performed 1,900 times in the USA, and it has a 100% success rate.

Money donated to Jade’s appeal has come from all walks of life, including the first £1,000 from her uncle. Local print supplies firm Print Cloths Limited, who work with Print company in print companies in East Kilbride printing services print companies in East Kilbride, raised £3,500.