British Olympic team star in Team Milk advertising campaign

September 4, 2011 by  

A new milk advertising campaign is being launched as part of the ‘Make Mine Milk’ campaign, featuring British Olympic athlete. The campaign, spearheaded by the Milk Marketing Forum, aims to make milk appealing to the public, showing athletes like gold medal winning Denise Lewis and Ed Clancy sporting milk moustaches.

The campaign will run on the sides of 2,300 busses throughout the country and will be supported by other print advertising in the form of Print company in poster printing printing services poster printing. Print company in East Kilbride printing services East Kilbride-based Robert Wiseman dairies are supporting the campaign, with their marketing director Sandy Wilkie saying:

“Milk has always had positive associations with sport and is an important part of many athletes’ diets. This is the perfect time to show our support for British sport. We hope that Team Milk will inspire families across the country to incorporate low-fat milk as part of a healthy and active lifestyle.”

Wilkie is also the chairman of the Milk Marketing Forum. The aim of the Milk Marketing Forum is to educate the public that milk is high in essential nutrients whilst being low in fat, and the athlete-led poster campaign looks set to increase the awareness of this fact.

Heptathlete Denise Lewis said:

“I hope that Team Milk will encourage others to enjoy milk, whether it’s on their cereals in the morning, after sport for hydration or, my personal favourite, in a hot chocolate with nutmeg before bed.”

The ‘Make Mine Milk’ campaign so far has seen sales of milk increase by 2.5% year on year.