Artic conditions affect roads in south Lanarkshire

January 29, 2010 by  

If you were one of the print businesses in South Lanarkshire, for example, a printing company in East Kilbride, who were affected by the recent adverse weather conditions it may be reassuring to know that the local council is planning to improve its stockpile of salt.

South Lanarkshire council experienced a shortage of salt supply when dealing with January’s heavy snow fall. Hundreds of roads and pavements remained covered in ice when the council’s efforts were hampered due to the lack of salt.

Some businesses and residents were not happy when they learned that only 24,000 tonnes of salt was used compared to 42,000 tonnes the previous winter.

The local council intend to increase future salt supplies to ensure that in extreme conditions they are not reliant upon third parties.

“It seems clear that, despite being willing to enter into contractual supply commitments, suppliers are unable to deliver during extended periods of adverse weather” resources director Colin McDowell said.

No doubt this will come as good news to those people and businesses that were perhaps even more badly affected by the conditions due to the lack of salt.

The printer in East Kilbride and the South Lanarkshire residents may now be a little more reassured. South Lanarkshire council now intends to maintain a covered storage facility which will house 40,000 tonnes of salt. The measure should make it easier to cope with extreme conditions when they occur again in the future.