Scientists find a way to print bones using an inkjet printer

December 12, 2011 by  

Scientists in America have found a way to ‘print bones’ using an inkjet printer, the kind of machine that is normally used for Print company in printing printing services printing things like flyers and posters.

Washington State University is home to the scientists who made the discovery that they could print a substance that acted like bones using a 3D printer. This substance can be used within the body to support broken bones and it will then disintegrate with no negative side-effects. It is estimated that this new technology could become widely available to medical professionals in the next few years and is another innovation for the printing industry which is constantly seeking out new ways to move printing technology to the next level.

This could be great news for charities like The Brittle Bone Society, who work to support advances in medicine or science that could help cure or ease conditions linked to weak bones. The Brittle Bone Society is based in Dundee in Scotland and this advance in technology could really help improve the quality of peoples’ lives; even though it may sound bizarre to create bone-like material using a system that is ordinarily used for things like Print company in full colour printing printing services full colour printing.

Print company in Dunfermline printing services Dunfermline, which lies south of Dundee, is home to a number of supporters of the Brittle Bone Society and this year a local resident ran in organised races to raise money for the charity. The news that scientist will potentially be able to help some sufferers of this and other bone conditions, including standard bone breakages, will be welcome news.