Manager of local Pawnbroker to star in TV advertising campaign

April 30, 2011 by  

Emma Bates, the 23 year old manager of the Dunfermline branch of Ramsdens the Pawnbrokers, is set to be one of the stars of the chain’s new TV advertising campaign.

Emma was chosen to appear alongside other workers from across the country in a new TV ad, featuring staff members talking about the benefits of using Ramsdens. Emma has been a manager at the Dunfermline shop since January and was chosen to represent the area in the forthcoming advert. Ramsdens is a well-known brokerage chain in Scotland and they look set to expand their customer base by making people aware of their ‘cash for gold’ offering via the TV ad.

Whilst TV is a great way of promoting businesses, sometimes it can be even more effective when coupled with local marketing such as flyer printing. Dunfermline-based businesses such as Ramsdens could benefit from using a local printing company to undertake flyer printing in Dunfermline. These leaflets could then be distributed as the TV campaign is running. The fact that a local woman is appearing in the ads gives the company even more reason to shout about this to local people.

The new Ramsdens TV advert is set to replace the current campaign which features managers at their shops. This one still retains the people-focused feel but instead leads on the benefits and services offered by the company. The new TV advertising campaign is set to run from June of this year.